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Flair philosophy

Nearly all the Flair Hotels are family-run businesses. With sincerity and plenty of pleasure in their work, their owners daily dedicate themselves to offering their guests an all-round experience of well-being. Family solidarity and cooperation play a not inconsiderable role.

Whether you are a business traveller, looking for relaxation, an active holiday maker or on the road to look at "cultural things", your Flair hosts would like to offer you somewhere where you can find a temporary home, feel good and let you mind roam free.

Every Flair Hotel has its own very individual touch, its own special Flair.
This could be due to its beautiful natural surroundings, the special (e,g. mediaeval) architecture, the regional cuisine, the tempting gourmet or events offers, or just the unique charm and character of the region and its people.

Our aim is to maintain and encourage the unique features of every individual hotel, but at the same time to live in the community, to ensure that you as our guest will find hotels with a different, individual touch but with the same high standard.

All the hosts in the Flair Partnership Alliance look forward to meeting you!




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